What Our Happy Clients Are Saying


Woman holding up two thumbsThank you so much for everything … good news! I applied for a position yesterday, got a call back immediately, interviewed this morning, and I start on Monday!  WOW!  The best decision I’ve ever made was to have my resume professionally revamped, and I cant thank you enough. I am super happy and can’t wait for Monday morning!  Thank you again.  —Lisa Walker, Paralegal

  • Simply awesome! You are an expert at resume writing and it helped me tremendously.  If you want to get hired, touch base right away, she is the right person to help you get your message across. —Alex, Sales Team Manager
  • All authors should be so fortunate. In the final stage prior to publishing, the editorial team discovered over 32-plus errors and inconsistencies in my novel. I expected to find no problems, as it had been edited many times before by myself and others. My manuscript was saved from suffering more ways than I can count! —Michael, Educational Writer and Publisher
  • Thank you for your service. I’m very satisfied with it. You even pointed out spelling errors no one else discovered. That was really helpful since I did not notice the typos during the programming. I’ll recommend Edit-Write-101 to my friends when they need the same service. —Robert, Webmaster & Programmer
  • Thank you for all of your edits and phone support.  I really appreciate all of your efforts, and I am looking forward to working with you again in the near future.  —Diana, Writer Education and Children’s’ Books
  • Thank you for delivering my professional PowerPoint presentation according to my very complicated specs. It was perfect! —Kevin, Pilot and Flight Instructor, Emirates Airlines Dubai
  • Excellent! I just finished reading the final draft and it sounds wonderful. I want to personally thank you for helping me write my personal statement. With any luck I will be a veterinarian treating animals in the next four years. —Kennth, Medical School Student
  • Thanks for all you do! You’ve been great working with me for the past few years helping to develop, write, and edit educational training documents, grants, and legal contracts. Got talent!  Especially when it comes to meeting my frequent and urgent deadlines. —Amelia, Healthcare Information Technology Stimulus Center
  • ThankIMAGE quote_stars so much!  The first animal care job I applied for I was hired! The staff are extremely professional, caring and also will counsel you if your having a hard time finding employment. —Jeff, Animal Care Technician
  • A talented editor—who can find one? More precious than pearls—they are conscientious and intuitive; work and think hard, dedication is of the highest professional quality, thank you for all you do. —Eric, Writer, Comedian, World Activist and Peacekeeper
  • Many, many thanks! We are greatly appreciative of the fantastic job you did.  —Julie, Professional Organizer
  • Wow, that was quick. Thank you! I guess when you’re good, you’re good. So, many thanks again. It was, as always, a great pleasure working with you again. Talk to you soon and take care. —Dana, Lightningrods.com