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We provide writing services, re-writes, and ghost writing for a wide-range of clients and projects. We have a strong command of the English language, grammar, sentence structure, tone, clarity, and more. Our writers can help turn your vision into well-written content that demonstrates your abilities and professionalism.

  • Novels.  Our novel writers can help you grab attention with shock and intrigue and involve the reader in your world through your characters and point of view. Do you know how to encapsulate the whole of your story and theme in a single sentence or paragraph?  We can show you how to leave your reader wanting for more by using mystery, suspense, and humor.  It’s important to establish a working relationship with your reader and create rules. We’ll help you unearth amazing opening lines in everyday conversation and more.
  • Marketing. Our marketing writers can help you become more profitable by writing persuasive, targeted, and effective messages for brochures, letters, ads, fliers, press releases, newsletters, and other written material. Whether you need something written from scratch or want a professional writer to help you with what you’ve already created, we are the on-call marketing writers for you.
  • Essays. We can help you learn how to recognize problems in your writing and ways to revise your essays. You’ll learn how to incorporate conflict and insight into your work. Writing an essay can be an exercise in self-exploration. You may be writing from memory, using your observational skills, or conveying your true feelings. It’s your job to transfer what you’ve seen, remembered, reasoned, or imagined to the page.
  • Websites.  Our website writers can help you by creating persuasive and targeted content for your readers, or we can improve your content. The demand for website writing is growing rapidly as more content is being broadcast and published online. Website writing deals with the content of a web page, correct grammar, spelling, as well as ensuring logical organization, consistency, and appropriate style. We make sure that content is clear, concise, and to the point.  Because writing for websites is very different from writing for print, website editing requires a specialized and unique set of skills, specifically writing content for search engine optimization.

Benefits of Writing Services

One of the many benefits you will receive by using our professional writers is you will become more confident and trust in your writing skills. You can submit your work with confidence knowing the result will be a clear, concise, consistent, and error-free.

Working with Freelances.  As freelance writers we can be flexible, adaptable, available, and offer the most affordable rates. We have no overhead.  We are able to work for both small and large publishers, corporations, small businesses, and individuals. We work with authors who are self-publishing, researchers who are submitting papers to journals, and students who need help with their dissertations and theses. And thanks to the networking opportunities offered on the Internet, we are not restricted to one geographical area.

Turn-Around Time. Turn-around time is dependent on the level of complexity of your project. This includes our required time, the author’s time, the length, condition, and the technical aspects of the document. We know how important your work is to you, especially when there are deadlines to meet.  When using our services you can count on us to return your document in the shortest time possible. We strive to deliver projects before your deadline. As one might expect, shorter pieces have shorter lead times and longer documents may take longer to process.

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