You’ll Know Exactly What to Expect

Three Easy Steps to Project Completion.

We know how important the completion of your project is to you; therefore, we strive to make the process easy, on time, and on budget. You’ll know exactly what to expect – our process is clear and easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

  • Use our Contact Page to reach us. We will respond by both email and telephone. If there is a document to be reviewed, we will ask you to email it at that time. Upon review of your document, we will call you to discuss your vision for the project outcome. You will then receive a written quote and scope of project by email. (For established clients, this step may be skipped.)

Step 2

  • We typically request a good faith deposit or payment in full before work begins. (We would love to trust everyone, but unfortunately we do get burned.) If your project is simple, we will proceed. If your project is complex, we may contact you several times during the process.

Step 3

  • When your project has been completed, we will email it to you. After you have had time to review it, you will call us to close out the project. If there are corrections, we will make them for you. If there is a balance due, we will send you an invoice either by email or PayPal.  One two three it’s easy!

Editing Covers four Principal Areas:


  • We use standard English forms of words, unless you specify differently. American word forms like ‘check’, ‘center’ and ‘program’ would be changed to ‘cheque’, ‘centre’ and ‘programme’, for example (depending on context). Common errors like ‘there / their’ or ‘too / to’ are corrected. Hard-to-spell words will be corrected as they are found.


  • We will check for sentence fragments, run-on sentences, inappropriate or inconsistent verb forms, consistency of subject/verb agreement, active/passive formations, and awkward or possibly ambiguous phrasing. Sentences will be reshaped to fit what we judge to be your intended meaning.


  • We will alter inappropriate word choices to more generally accepted standard forms. Slang and colloquial expressions will be revised. We will recast words or phrases using more exact or appropriate synonyms. We will identify and eliminate any clichés, verbosity, redundancy, and vagueness.


  • We will amend all problems of punctuation usage, especially commas, semicolons, full stops, apostrophes and quotation marks.Always, though, if a client has a special request for any of these (or other) aspects of their writing to be left unamended, such requests will of course be complied with. All alterations should be treated as suggestions which clients may accept or reject as they wish.

It’s Easy as 1-2-3!


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