Why Proper Grammar is Crucial

Eliminating grammar errors is absolutely crucial to maintaining your credibility

When you make a grammar mistake, it’s more than just a fleeting embarrassment. It can cause your message to be dismissed and your professional reputation to suffer. That’s not a risk you can afford to take!

It’s not just the grammar snobs — when you make a grammar error, people may not mention it to you, but they definitely notice! And grammar errors affect more than just you; they can even damage people’s opinions of your organization’s professionalism.

That’s why it’s essential you make sure that everything you write is mistake-proof and error-free!

But how do you quickly and easily get the grammar help you need?

Do you spend way too much time checking and double-checking your work for grammar and spelling errors — and you’re still nervous when it goes out the door? Find grammar rules confusing, frustrating, or just plain boring? Don’t you just wish there was an easy way you could be absolutely confident that your e-mails, memos, proposals, and reports sound polished and professional? There is!  Stay tuned for more …

A Glimpse at Your Future Agenda …

  • Tricks to preventing the most common grammar mistakes
  • Choosing the right pronoun — tricks to eliminating gender-based language
  • Understanding when — and what — to capitalize
  • The worst punctuation mistakes to make — and how to avoid them
  • Demystifying apostrophe-“s” vs. “s”-apostrophe
  • Most often misused words in business documents — including ones that don’t exist!
  • A simple proofreading checklist that’ll keep you worry — and embarrassment — free
  • When spell-checker is your friend — and the common mistakes it’ll never catch

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