Resume Cover Letters 101 – generic vs. customized?

Pen ArtOkay, if you really want that dream job, here are some of benefits and along with a few secrets to customizing a great cover letter:

1) With a customized letter you able highlight and match your specific skills to specific skills listed in the job posting. Your letter is your opportunity to demonstrate how your skills match the requirements in the job.

2) You are able to demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate for the position. Why you are the person the employer is looking for. By using powerful, specific, and customized words you can capture and keep the attention of the people who do the hiring and make yourself stand out in the crowd of thousands!

3) Employers take notice when they see a clean, well-written, well-formatted easy to read letter. Customized letters show your potential employer the kind of work they can expect from you when on the job.

If you don’t feel you are a strong writer or if you don’t have basic grammar and spelling skills, it’s important that you get help from a friend or a professional – there’s no need to  go it alone. If you haven’t heard, formatting and readability are number one. You have less than 5 seconds to stand out above the crowd, don’t miss out on your opportunity to shine! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get hired. A customized cover letter shows your potential employer you care.

It’s easy to see that a generic letter shows you don’t – it lacks all the signs of an “I-can-do attitude.” So tell a friend or a co-worker generic letters are out – it’s time to clean out the clutter.  Today, smart job seekers have discovered that the key to success and landing the job is to customize, customize, and customize some more!  So what’s one of the top tips in creating a powerful cover letter? >>> Demonstrate to your potential employer that you are truly serious about being hired by making that extra effort and you WILL be one step closer to getting that dream job! <<<

Coming soon …  specific tips, tricks, secrets to customizing a powerful customized cover letter. Tell a friend!  Check it out:

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