Resume Cover Letters 101 – generic vs. customized?

Pen ArtSo why use a customized cover letter over a generic letter?  Number one, the benefits of using a customized letter are too many to count. The benefits of using a generic letter are few – okay it’s easy and all you have to do is make a copy or two. Once a generic letter is composed and signed, there’s not much else to do.  Is it really worth your time and energy to go the extra effort to customize a letter?  We see the only other alternative is to completely waste your time and still not get hired.

If you really want the job, it’s crucial you go the extra effort.  Generic letters are generic – the same letter used over and over again for every job application.  It introduces the applicant to an employer – an applicant among thousands of other worthy applicants who also use a generic letter.  We can only guess that they haven’t heard the secret to getting hired.

Customized covers letters are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Smart job hunters know that by skillfully customizing their cover letter they can quickly rise above and beyond other applicants. By following a few of our simple tips and tricks along with some important formatting secrets, changes and updates can be quick and easy to do … more to come …  tell a friend!

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